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Welcome to mbb

Since 1989, Michael Braeumer is in the wet-processing technology (sand and gravel washing, floor washing and dewatering) and in 1998 worked up his own company mbb.

In 2000 he began with the construction of the machine mbb 1.
mbb 1 is a laboratory setting machine for testing of material into the processing equipment.

Been associated with this device e.g. The following tests performed:

  • Separation of wood and coal to the solid density of 1,55 of sand and grit
  • Separation of slag remnants of fine iron
  • Separation of light material from construction waste
  • Separation of tantalum from shredded plastics, aluminum and carbon
  • Separation of shredder fine fraction in plastics, mineral, metal
  • Treatment of incinerator ash
Michael Bräumer died on 07.01.2014 at the consequences of his long illness.

In memory of him is this site that documents his work and life, still persist for some time.

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